Job 20

I have heard a rebuke that insults me, and my understanding makes me reply (Job 20:3 CSB).

Zophar couldn’t accept from Job that it was possible that he could be wrong and was more concerned about his reputation than he Read the rest

Job 19

But I know that my Redeemer lives, and at the nd he will stand on the dust (Job 19:25 CSB).

In the midst of suffering and confusion, Job declares the bottom line to his existence. Job knew of his Redeemer: Read the rest

Job 18

Indeed, such is the dwelling of the unjust man, and this is the place of the one who does not know God (Job 18:21 CSB).

Bildad judges Job and falsely accuses him of not even knowing God, saying that if Read the rest

Job 17

But come back and try again, all of you. I will not find a wise man among you (Job 17:10 CSB).

If all we have to depend on our friends as family as our only source of wisdom, then we, Read the rest

Job 16

Even now my witness is in heaven, and my advocate is in the heights! My friends scoff at me as I weep before God. I wish that someone might argue for a man with God just as anyone would for Read the rest

Job 15

Listen to me and I will inform you I will describe what I have seen (Job 15:17 CSB). 

Know-it-all Eliphaz” insists that he knows what he is talking about. He continues to tell Job that wicked men suffer; therefore, Read the rest

Job 14

As water wears away stones and torrents wash away the soil from the land, so you destroy a man’s hope (Job 14:19 CSB)

In Job 13 we read that Job chose to hope in God no matter the situation, Read the rest

Job 13

Even if he kills me, I will hope in him. I will still defend my ways before him. (Job 13:15 CSB).

How many of us would choose to hope in God even in great pain and affliction? Job’s faith is Read the rest

Job 12

Wisdom and strength belong to God; counsel and understanding are his (Job 12:13 CSB).

Though Job doesn’t know the reason for his suffering, he chooses to focus on what he does know. He knows that wisdom and power belong to Read the rest

Job 11

Know then that God has chosen to overlook some of your iniquity. (Job 11:6b CSB).

We see pieces of the truth mixed in Zophar’s harsh speech. Zophar is letting Job know that God graciously is not giving Job all he Read the rest